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Steve Bastian

Steve Bastian lives in the gloriously picturesque mountains of central PA with his wife, poet Rebecca-Kinzie Bastian, two untidy sons, and two also untidy cats. We won't even discuss the puppy.... At various times Steve has earned his way as an illustrator, a woodcarver, and a maker of animation puppets. He is currently a metalsmith in silver and gold, and since 1991, the proprietor of Stevie Didn’t Do It Handmade polymer beads. His wearable art is available nationally through catalogs and boutiques.

“In this age of automated production, I think it’s important for people to realize that the best things—the ones worth keeping and passing on to the next generation—still come from the hands of artisans.

“It’s my desire to create big, strong, well balanced jewelry that leaves no doubt that it has been plied into shape by human hands. I hope that when someone looks across the landscape of a piece of my jewelry they can feel the joy I feel when my hammer is singing along making those marks. I want them to know that someone made that thing they hold in their hands, and once they put it on, they become a part of the creation process—a part of my life just as I've become a part of theirs.

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