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Vicky Rockwell

I have a passion for flowers, especially wildflowers. Their colors... their textures... the way they dance in the breeze... their will to survive in even the harshest of environs... the fact that they are there beneath our feet and we so often overlook them or take them for granted.

Whether a human sees them or not, wildflowers display such majesty. If we, as busy humans, take just a moment to stop and regard a wildflower, we get a tiny glimpse into one of the many miracles of this world.

I also have a passion for the art of Claude Monet. Monet didn't merely document his surroundings in a photographic manner, he captured the light, the texture, and the feeling each scene evoked. To me, this is true art... capturing the feeling.

All memories have a dream-like nature to them. Most of us don't remember clear and documented representations but a variation on the theme. We remember that in the scene which captured our attention.

This is how I approach photography. My goal is to photograph the finest of details while capturing the feeling of the moment. To me, each sighting is a gift - a memory to be cherished.

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